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5 Mistakes Every Frozen Food Business in Nigeria Must Avoid Introduction The Choice Foods was started in 2020 by two brothers who wanted to establish an ice cream parlor but later changed their minds when they realized that there was no market for such products in Ibadan at that time. They then decided to open...
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If you’re new to the cold storage business, then you probably have a lot of questions or concerns about it. How best can I store different products? What temperature range is adequate for these items? Where should these products be placed in the cold room? How do I work within my budget to ensure I...
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6 Ways to Effectively Maintain a Cold Room  Food processing industries, pharmaceuticals, and supermarkets rely on the efficiency of their cold rooms daily to provide their customers with the best user experience. However, if this equipment experiences a breakdown, they will suffer a drastic decrease in profit due to the interruption in workflow. We cannot...
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