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chiller cold room



A chiller cold room also commonly referred to as a cooler room is a type of storage or processing cold room that operates in the temperature range of +10c to about +180c. This type of cold room is used in the storage and preservation of products that their preservation temperatures are in the positive temperature range.

Ofin Global Engineering chiller cold room designed to lower the temperature of the room below the ambient temperature by eliminating the hot air in the room and throwing it into the environment while maintaining the room temperature in the positive region.

Chilling products and storing perishable items in a chiller room is an effective way to ensure that your food is preserved and ready to eat when you need it. This style of storage room is designed to maintain a steady temperature of about 1-18°C (34-64°F) throughout. Chilled storage rooms are often equipped with refrigeration units and sometimes air conditioning, which ensure that the temperature remains at the desired level. One major advantage of using a chiller room for food preservation is that it does not require the use of a hermetically-sealed environment such as a walk-in cooler.

In the early days of refrigeration, the chilling of food and beverage was accomplished by filling a room with ice. This was typically done in the kitchen or at the bar, but when the need arose, it could be done in the dining room or other public areas. The ice would be circulated, broken up, and filtered by the staff, ensuring that the customer was always served with the highest quality and freshest product. Today, the benefits of a chilled room are well known, and they are used in the preservation of a variety of products.



In the food industry, a chiller cold room is commonly used to store and process foods at temperatures between about +10c to about +180c. The chiller cold room is used to store perishable foods such as farm produce like vegetables, fruits, meats produce, and dairy products and are often used as a processing room for foods that require low temperatures, such as jams and jellies.

They are also used to store products that require preservation, such as pickles, olives, and capers. Although the primary function of a chiller room is to store and preserve perishable foods, they are often used as a secondary storage room for food products that require a cool temperature, such as ice cream.

At Ofin Global HVAC&R Engineering, we design Chiller rooms for various professionals in different fields, to preserve their products. Below are some other areas where chiller rooms are applicable:


The chiller cold rooms are used majorly used by farmers to preserve fruits and vegetables harvested from the farm. The storage temperature of fruits and vegetables ranges between +50c to +180c, depending on the fruit or vegetable type. It is also used by a mechanized poultry farmer to chill the water given to the farm birds for drinking.


The chiller room is used by confectionary stores, for the preservation of their chocolates, berries, sweets, cakes, flowers, and the likes. These products have a storage temperature ranging from +100 c to +180c depending on the product.


The chiller room is used by the pharmacist and in laboratories for the storage of drugs, vaccines, blood, etc…Certain drugs and vaccines are meant to be consistently in a present positive temperature range, likewise blood. They all have a storage temperature ranging from +20c to +80c.


Ofin Global Chiller Cold Room Design Features

The areas in which food is stored in a chiller room must be designed to maintain the desired temperature. In most cases, the walls and ceiling of the room are insulated to provide insulation against the cold air, with the insulation being continuous throughout the room. The floor of the room is often insulated as well. At Ofin Global Engineering, we specially customize our chillers to perform optimally even in extreme temperature regions of the country.

Below are some of the major features of our chiller room:

  • Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system which is one of the major features of the chiller room consists of basically the Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Metering Device, and other Auxiliary components for the protection and efficacy of the refrigeration system. At Ofin Global Engineering, we have expatriates who pay undivided attention to this aspect of the chiller manufacturing process.

  • Insulated Panels

This is another feature of the chiller that determines its performance. At Ofin Global Engineering, we make use of top-quality Poly-urethane panels of 100mm thickness in the assembling of the chiller room body. This is necessary to combat the high ambient of any region of the country.

  • Electrical Control Panels

Our electrical control panel consists of protective devices protecting the refrigeration unit from damage that can be caused by an electrical power surge.

  • Thermostat

We make use of top quality electrical temperature control thermostat in monitoring and regulating the chiller room temperature within the preset temperature range.

  • Aluminum and Stainless fitting

We make use of Aluminum and Stainless materials for the internal fittings of our chiller room. This is a necessary practice to prevent rust and corrosion in the chiller room. These are some of the special features of our chiller room.

Conclusively, the work of a Chiller room is to cool the product inside it, by gradually removing the heat present in the product, through the compression system of the refrigeration cycle.

The temperature of the chiller room is generally brought below the ambient temperature, and it is maintained between the preset temperature range (not below +1 degree centigrade).

Ofin Global HVAC&R Engineering has a proven track record of providing high-quality customized cold rooms that suit our client’s purposes. We also pride ourselves on our consistent completion of projects both on time and within budget.

To find out more about cold rooms or to book a consultation, why not contact Ofin Global team today?


Call +2348063150242 or send your question to “info@ofinglobal.com” and start your journey towards energy-efficient cold room storage. Feel free to visit our website at www.ofinglobal.com.ng


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