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Cold rooms also known as walk-ins in a simple language are fridges or freezers with larger storage space. Technically cold rooms are enclosed walk-in facilities which have their internal temperature controlled using refrigerants.

The internal temperature of the cold room is much lower than the surrounding ambient temperature, and it can be maintained either above or below freezing point depending on the product to be stored therein.

Just as in any refrigeration system the cold room makes use of the evaporator inside the room and condenser outside the room to move heat outside while cooling the enclosed room.

The efficacy of the cold room refrigeration unit is as good as the materials with which the cold room body is built. In other to have an effective and efficient cold room, the walls, floor, and roof of the room are built with insulated panels.

The essence of building the cold room wall, floor, and roof with insulating materials is to reduce heat transfer to its barest minimum i.e. keeping the outside temperature out and keeping the inside temperature in. This helps the evaporator and condensing unit to drop down the room temperature faster thereby conserving energy.

The cold room refrigeration unit can be referred to as an electro-mechanical machine. This unit is primarily made up of the Compressor, Condenser, Expansion device, and Evaporator unit. There are many other auxiliary components connected to these primary components to making the machine attain optimal efficiency. In our coming article, we will talk more about the refrigeration cycle as a whole.

The cold room can also be of different types depending on its application. In relation to temperature, there are three main types of cold room namely;

  • Chiller Cold Rooms
  • Freezer Cold Rooms
  • Blast Freezer Cold Rooms

In our next article, we will expatiate more on these types of cold rooms and their areas of application.

A cold room is the next logical step for any facility which no longer finds standard refrigerator or freezer equipment to be sufficient. This is usually due to expansion or reliability issues; with proper use, cold rooms are extremely reliable with low running and upkeep costs.

Ofin Global HVAC&R Engineering has a proven track record of providing high-quality customized cold rooms that suit our client’s purpose. We also pride ourselves on our consistent completion of projects both on time and within budget.

To find out more about cold rooms or to book a consultation, why not contact Ofin Global team today?

Call +2348063150242 or you can send your question/enquiries to “info@ofinglobal.com” and start your journey towards energy-efficient cold room storage.

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