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Ofin Global Engineering is an indigenously owned HVAC&R company and is one of the leading refrigeration solution provider in Nigeria.

Our business is focused on installation and supply of Cold storage facilities of varying sizes and temperatures ranging from Positive storage Cold room for fruits, vegetables, drugs, to Negative storage cold rooms for frozen foods, Vaccines and Blast freezers for poultry produce processing.


Ofin Global HVAC&R Engineering is solely committed to delivering quality product and unsurpassed Customer satisfaction while maintaining global Standards of Engineering Practice..


As an organization we believe in a nation with all year round food sustainability, but how can a nation achieve this without reliable cold storage facilities?  Our corporate vision is to be the nation’s number HVAC&R Engineering company producing the best cold storage machines that can match any other machine in the global world of Refrigeration.

Cold Room

Our core expertise is the design and installation of cold rooms of varying capacity and types ranging from chiller cold room, freezer rooms, blast freezer rooms.

Chiller Cold Room

We design and install positive temperature cold rooms for the storage of perishable food and fruits, Vegetables, dairy products, drugs and special chemicals…..

Freezer Cold Storage Room

We are experts in the design and installation of Minus temperature cold storage rooms for the Storage and preservation of frozen foods, and vaccines

Blast Freezer Processing Room

Ofin Global also specializes in the design and installation of special freezer Rooms with extreme temperatures as low as -30 degrees to -40 degrees. This freezer rooms mostly used for the processing of poultry products and ice cream processing.

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